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Happy New Year from Victoria Blisse!

Hello all and Happy New Year! Wow, 2013 has arrived, I was only just getting used to 2012! I hope you're all settling well into this new year, have you managed to remember to write the right date yet? Always takes me a while to get the hang of that. I've got a lot of writing planned for the net twelve months, so I better get cracking with it, eh?

My first release of 2012 is Literally Bitten, paart of the Valentine's Collection, Immortal love, this is a vampire love story with a twist. Checkout the blurb.

Books brought them together, blood lust binds them, but can her puritanical father pull them apart?Lily loves fiction and has done since she was a child. It was her escape from the harsh reality of life being brought up by just her over-protective dad. Tom only ever reads textbooks, claiming that there’s enough to fascinate in this world and that he has no need to read about pretend places. But when he walks into Lily’s book shop he finds out they have a lot more in common than he first thought.
When the young couple take a trip to the famous vampire and human bar, The Point, Lily gets a shock. Her estranged father is there as part of a Purity protest; he is violently opposed to her, Tom and anything that the cult calls unclean. Which is just about anything fun.
Can Lily and Tom overcome these prejudices and their own inexperience to find love that will last forever?

I got a fab review for this book too from Susan Foulkes!

The hero and heroine are engaging and you really want them to achieve a happy ever after.
Despite their innocence there is a fair smattering of hot sex scenes and the whole book has an underlying, understated humour... 
..All in all this is a fun read but one that will also make you think.

Read the whole review here...All in all this is a fun read but one that will also make you think.

Read the whole review here.

Pick up your copy exclusively at Total-E-Bound right now if you fancy some vampiric good loving in a book shop!

And if you want to know more about me, I'm in the Total-E-Bound Spotlight right now!

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Barbara Elsborg said...

That's a great review! Congrats. The story sounds fascinating.