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Heroes to lick!

With a new book out almost every month in this New Year of 2013, I am really into men and heroes in a big, big way. I want to tell you what I really love about them and what you can tell about a man by the way he treats his woman.

I love them (and don’t you too?) in any shape or form, as long as they love to be loved and give it right back.

I like him strong, silent only when necessary (wink!), and giving.  This usually means he has/had a mother he loved for all the right reasons. It also means she taught him how to respect other women.  He also had a father or male role model that he found stable, introspective and mighty of mind and soul.

Men who are timid around the modern woman befuddle me.  After all, contemporary American women have been “liberated” for at least one generation. This means that the Flapper girl and Rosie the Riveter gave way to the Hippie chick and the Career Woman. The twentysomethings and thirtysomethings who are Sweet Things have a pair of youknowwhats on them that a modern man must deal with. For all the fathers out there who teach their sons to wash the dishes or run the vacuum aside from mowing the lawn, we women applaud them. And we want more, more, more!

So when it come to men in the bedroom with us (or on the kitchen table or on the floor), we really want to see their acquaintance with anatomy (for openers) and even the kama sutra. If they have a working knowledge of sex toys, I say, Yeah BABY. And if they want to try cuffs or chains, plugs or clamps, then we women will be all the better for it. They will, too!

After all, if you can ask for it with impunity in the bedroom, you KNOW you can ask for that raise from your boss!

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