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Hey, Baby, Let's Go To Vegas...

I'm in Las Vegas for the first time in about five years.


I'd forgotten how much fun the city is, how diverse, how energizing.


Unfortunately I’m here for a workshop, so I can’t play 24/7 (bummer), but there’s an excitement that comes from driving (or walking) up The Strip, no matter what time of day. Seeing the fountains, the pirate fights, gondolas, the Eiffel Tower, roller coasters, fabulous lights, food, billboards, stunning architecture, helicopters offering sightseeing tours, circus acts, and, oh, my God, the shopping…it all makes me feel like a little kid again!


And then, if you continue past the Stratosphere, toward Freemont Street, you can catch glimpses of the old (and if you turn the wrong way on Freemont, the seedy side) Vegas. There’s the light show and a totally different experience when you’re downtown.


There don’t seem to be clocks in the casinos, so it’s possible to totally lose track of time. It’s like being in another world.


It’s a place that pays homage to imagination, where little is forbidden, where things get more and more outrageous.


And it makes me think about setting a series of books here…  Surely even the Doms here are bigger than life…? What do you think…?

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