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New Year, New Opportunities & Free Story

Oh I know, I should have made up my list of resolutions starting early September. Like everything else, those year-end things get earlier and earlier every year. Every calendar for the following year is sixteen months, because you need those four extra months to wrap your brain around the concept of the coming year. Everyone's acting as though the New Year is nothing but old news, and half of us are probably feeling as though 2013 has passed us by already. Nonsense I say!

I'm saying that primarily because it is just now dawning on me that it is 2013. Time to determine what I will accomplish this year. Now I'm not quite that far behind - I did actually come up with a production schedule a few months back. But I also want to look at setting up a new website - or refurbishing the current one. Like my house - it could use a good remodel. My desk area could use some serious help. It looks like someone just decided to use a corner of the living room one day and make it into a fake office with a T.V. tray as part of the elite set-up. Actually, that's exactly what happened. Hmmmm.

So while I have basic outlines of story ideas - some are even half-written already - and I have a rigourous deadline schedule, you can see there are some areas of my writerly life that could use some sprucing up. And you know what? It's very early in the year folks - we all have plenty of time to achieve some wonderful goals this year. It's the twelve months as a whole that counts, not just trying to cram everything into the first one and call it good.

On a very good note, I do have a free story that is available in this month's newsletter. It is a contemporary MMF menage, and you can check it out here:

Also, for you MM romance and uniformed men lovers, I have Book One in my Uniform Encounters series, Set Ablaze, coming out March 18th. Check out that one here:

Next month, I'll give you a hot excerpt. Until then - keep those goals and dreams for 2013 alive. There are plenty of opportunities - we just need to grab them when they come our way. Anyone want to share what some of their big goals for this year are?

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