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You know, I had such great plans for today. Working on the very last problems in a story that's been bothering me for months now so I can finally send it to my editor, write a piece for this blog,...
But no, the neighbours downstairs called in panic that their kitchen was being flooded. Yeah, and so was ours.
The combination of an old house, sub zero temperatures for weeks and sudden thaw did the trick. There was no trickling of water in our kitchen but a waterfall.

To complicate things even more, our neighbours are in their eighties (both healthy and of excellent mind, but still) and both my wife and I are of the two left hands each variation. (that story they tell you about lesbians being so handy with stuff? Well, that's not us) 

But, we do have two secret weapons: our sons. 22 and 18 and totally into science. The eldest studies nano biology and the youngest medicine. They looked at the situation, talked in a language that sounded like Dutch but wasn't and agreed on the to be used method.
Their other mum and I asked if we needed to call a plumber, but they looked at us if we were saying something weird. (and it's not like we would have found any plumber anyway, since a lot of houses now how problems with the thawing ice and all)

The scientific method consisted of a rubber hose, a few cords, lots of boiling water, something called gravity and the youngest (the medical school one) said something about a bypass.

I still have no idea what they did, but we no longer are the owners of an indoor waterfall, the kitchen is dry and I might even have the time to finish that story.

So, now you know why I didn't write that nice, juicy blog post. ;-)

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