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Winter Challege - A Cross-Dimensional Adventure

The existence of other dimensions has always fascinated me. From the possibility of one or more parallel Earths to completely different worlds, the possibilities are endless. Winter Challenge explores one such potential parallel universe. Originally part of the Sins of Winter Anthology, it is now available as a single story:

In Winter Challenge, Serena Yates deals with the sin of greed.

Paediatrician Noah Goldwin receives some bad news—his father has died and his greedy elder brother doesn’t only take over the family business, he wants the entire fortune for himself. So, he informs Noah that he was adopted and washes his hands of him.

Noah, who never knew of his past, sets out to find his roots. An elderly aunt, a mysterious ring and a location in the far north of Canada are his only hints…until he meets a tall, dark stranger who may have the solution to all his questions. There is only one problem—Ataro lives in a parallel dimension.
Will the two men be able to find a way to join forces? How will they defeat the power hungry enemies on Ataro’s world? And are inter-dimensional relationships even possible?

I hope you'll enjoy following Noah across to a different existence!



Barbara Elsborg said...
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Barbara Elsborg said...

Sounds fascinating. I do like the other world idea in a story!