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Cold Imagining

It's been very cold and as I go about my day hurrying from place to place I find that I slow down. Yeah I know crazy to slow down when it is so cold you can see your breath on the air. LOL. But I slow down because my mind is filled with ideas. As others rush by me to get out of the cold I stroll my thoughts on scene from my books. In my head I'm writing the next part of my book and the cold fades as the story takes over. The cold imaginings I have had on these cold days is filling my stories. I don't like winter but the ideas it is giving I'm loving. Keep warm! :)

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor
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Barbara Elsborg said...

I like writing when it's cold but thinking when it's hot. If I can walk in the sun and make up stories - that's perfect but I can't write when its hot! Well, I can but not as productively.