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Letting Go and Letting Love

Romance…February is absolutely the month to indulge in our most romantic side. Happily-ever-after. Passion unleashed. Taking a chance on love, even if we’ve been hurt or disappointed in the past. Everyone deserves to love and be loved, and certainly, sexual orientation has nothing to do with that. I loved Jodie Foster’s recent speech at the Golden Globes awards. Not so much because she publicly confirmed what everyone sorta knew already, but that she honored her partner publicly. They’re not even necessarily still together as lovers, but they are partners as a family, best friends and co-parents. There are so many possibilities for love, and it can take on many different forms. Limiting ourselves does not allow us to fulfill our complete potential as human beings.

If you do nothing else for this month of romance but allow yourself to just let go and let love in – whatever form it takes – than you will have had the most romantic experience possible.

Available now for download is part one in my new MM series, Uniform Encounters entitled Set Ablaze. It tells the story of Fire Chief Eric, and how coming out after twenty years of marriage has disrupted his family, and left him feeling that he will never have love again. The young new firefighter in town, Tom, is running from a broken relationship and his father’s hatred towards his sexuality. The following is an excerpt from when the two men are finally trying to find the courage to express their feelings for one another. And maybe take that chance.


Set Ablaze Excerpt

The summer twilight was just abating into full darkness when Tom saw the headlights from Eric’s Bronco shine through the curtains. Funny, he couldn’t care less if anyone saw Eric coming into his room. He took one last look around to make sure the place wasn’t too embarrassing, and went to open the door. Tom watched Eric descend from the older SUV, the man’s muscles working and rippling as he held on to the frame, and dropped to the ground.

God, those thighs are stunning. I’d like to climb up one as though it were a tree trunk, and then wrap myself around Eric’s waist, and hang on to his massive chest…

His cock was back to life as if it hadn’t had any release in ages. What was the man doing to him?

“Sorry to call you so late. It’s just been a heck of a night.”

“No problem, come on in.”

Tom was shaking. Literally shaking. He had to admit to himself that, while he’d been strongly attracted instantly to men and women before, he’d never had one affect him this heavily. It was as though it was completely beyond his control, like he was under some sort of bizarre spell.

Tom indicated for Eric to sit on the couch, and had to control the urge to wince when he sat in the exact same spot Reggie had been in not even two hours before.

“I have a couple beers left in the fridge. They’re not your brand, sorry.” Tom smiled at Eric, noting how exhausted and sad the man looked. He would give anything to be able to take him in his arms, stroke his gorgeous blond hair, to comfort him.

“That would be great, actually. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?” Eric gave him a weak smile.

Tom grabbed the beers, and brought one over to Eric, careful not to sit too close to him on the couch.

“You’re not begging. I told you—any time.” Tom found he wasn’t able to look into Eric’s face. Instead he made himself busy popping the bottle cap of his beer. “So, things went bad down at the police station?”

Eric groaned, and Tom looked at the pained expression on the man’s face, instantly regretting he’d brought up the subject.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“No, no, don’t apologise.” Eric looked right into Tom’s eyes. “I just don’t think I can talk about it anymore tonight. I know, that’s supposed to be why I came here, right?” Eric looked away, as if he couldn’t bear to keep looking at Tom. After another long pause where Tom looked at his own hands, his beer, the ceiling, Eric turned back to him. “I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I feel so alone in all of this, in my life. For some odd reason, though, I feel as though you get me somehow. I feel…a connection. Even though we only really talked for those few moments back at Joe’s, I felt good again. It was as though I were really interacting with someone. Oh God… I shouldn’t be telling you this…”

Tom scooted forward, closer to Eric. “Don’t stop. I feel it too.”

Tom held Eric’s gaze, his heart literally pounding so loud he was sure Eric could hear it, and held his breath.

Could it be?

Eric put his beer down on the coffee table, and took Tom’s from him. Without a word, he leaned in, and placed his mouth sweetly on Tom’s lips.



Barbara Elsborg said...

I always want to urge those who are alone and wish they weren't to strive to find someone to love. You can't sit and wait for love to come to you, you have to go and look for it, whether that's in a bar or at a club or on the internet. There should be very few barriers to love!
I liked your extract!

Morticia Knight said...

Thank you for your comment Barbara - very well said ;-)