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Roley's Wood: Emergency Servicing

By A.J. Llewellyn

Total-e-Bound's Emergency Servicing Anthology in which I have a story, Roley's Wood, officially launches on March 4, and I couldn't be more excited. The antho features my story, which is a dark, Scottish murder mystery and other tasty tales from Serena Yates (a very funny story called, Please Doctor about a guy with a doctor fetish), Sara York's lusty Guatemalan jungle tale Love Without Borders, Elizabeth Coldwell's skydiving drama Down to Earth, H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce's naval medical tale Doctor, Doctor, and Noelle Keaton's ER romance, Trusting the ER Doctor's Heart.

I am one of those people fascinated by the macabre in everyday life, because it does exist. I like turning over the proverbial rock and finding what's underneath.

I took a trip to Europe with my brothers a few years ago after our cousin died of cancer. We decided we were going to spend two weeks without spouses, children, pets, and worries, and squabbled like kids over where we could go. My mind still spins thinking about the whirlwind trip we took through England, Scotland, Italy and France.

Scotland had been my choice and my brothers still like to grumble about the house I found on Crigslist. They will never let me forget it. Serena Yates may never let me forget the house I found for us in the rainforest of Hawaii for our vacation last year...but that's another story...

Just outside Edinburgh, was a place called Roley's Wood. At the time, it had been reclaimed from its lengthy period as a dumping ground. I almost made up for the crappy house with the landlady who made us, as my brothers liked to call it, "heart attack food for breakfast" by organizing a bike tour through the woods.

I loved the amazing birds, the romantic ponds and the huge Victorian buildings we rode past. I was tickled to discover these buildings had once been factories producing snuff!


Of course, ideas began to swim in my mind, but I'm a bit of a rebel and the tale that came to mind was no frothy romance with ladies swanning around sniffing snuff. No. Recently, I read of a woman murdered in a Scottish forest and followed the bizarre case diligently. And at last I found a way to entwine the woods that I loved and bring to life the work the working community of the towns edging Edinburgh. At least I hope I did.

I love my two protagonists, well, three, actually; there's Jack Hanrahan, a Los Angeles surgeon visiting Edinburgh with his best friend, Paul, a heart surgeon, and Paul's lover. The fact that Paul and Jack were once lovers makes things a little bit awkward - until Jack and Paul find a dying woman in Roley's Wood and try desperately to save her life.

Jack's life changes that fateful afternoon and a lot of it has to do with hunky procurator fiscal (public prosecutor), Brodie Shaw.

Love, as they say, and I believe, is everything.

Here is the link for the anthology with details of all these juicy medical stories!

Stop by and pick up your coffee today, and bring a fan. And a long, cold, icy drink.

You'll need it.

Aloha oe,



Silver Pixies said...

I love hearing where your story Ideas come from AJ and Like with many of your up and coming books I am looking forward to reading this one as well as many many more in your future



Barbara Elsborg said...

The anthology sounds great. I've not read a medical story for ages!!