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A Torrid Affair With Adverbs

It’s been a busy few weeks. And, as I type, I’m both preparing for Washington, DC’s fiercest winter storm so far this year and reviewing line edits for my next book, Sorry Bro, due out this summer from Total E-Bound.

By my own admission, I have a tendency to personify body parts. References to “searching hands,” “peeking shoulders,” and “sad eyes” pepper my works. I know, I know, this is bad form, and, often, I include these phrases unconsciously. I’m also trying to break off a rather torrid love affair with adverbs. They’ve become pesky of late, and I need some space.

What no-no’s persist in your own writing, and which have Total E-Bound's fantastically thorough line editors helped you to eliminate?

Now to grab the last tub of ice cream before the snow begins to fall! Stay warm!

1 comment:

Barbara Elsborg said...

I have a tendance to use 'but' too much! And the body parts thing - well I think maybe some of the corrections go too far. I doubt readers are disturbed his - his hands wandered - or fingers trailed...