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Choice – a love hate relationship

 How I hate shopping for clothes. Let me count the ways.....and yes I know in this respect I am the dream woman for a guy - sadly not in few others since I don't like cooking or cleaning either. So -where was I? Oh yes, counting the ways....

Too many people
Nowhere to park
Lines to pay
Never got my size
Too much choice

Actually I think the last is the biggest issue for me. There is nothing more guaranteed to make me turn and walk out than mile after mile of clothes. Because the moment that happens, I'm too overwhelmed to look. 

I have an similar issue in book stores. Shelf after shelf of books I'd probably like, page after page online - so how do I choose a new author to try? I tire of reading blurbs. I know better than to rely on covers though those with hot guys wearing next to nothing do get me reaching for my purse. Especially, two hot guys. Call me greedy.  Call me shallow. Yep, that's me.
 I like word of mouth suggestions, though not all have been successful and then sometimes I just find a gem where I wouldn't have expected it. I found a book in a mainly clothes store. Yippee!!! Yep, I feel in the need for more clothes.
Darn it, says husband.

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