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C’mon, Get Mastered

I invite you to join me and six, sexy, larger-than-life Doms at the Den… At Master Damien Lowell’s secluded mountain retreat, nothing is off limits… Doms and subs alike are invited to explore the nuances of dominance and submission, of exquisite bondage, and strict discipline. The wildest fantasies become reality, lives are transformed, and limits are shattered.

In the first book of the series, With This Collar, Julia Lyle attends a friend’s wedding at the Den.

But the vows are anything but traditional. Strong hands landing on her shoulder warn her to be quiet and say nothing to interrupt the ceremony. And later that evening, Master Marcus introduces Julia to some of the delights of BDSM.

The Den was inspired by an actual wedding I was invited to. The ceremony was considerably more traditional than the one in the book! But the images stayed with me. We were all asked to bring a candle as our only gift. The candles were lit before the dusk ceremony, and magical-looking snowflakes began to lazily fall as the bride descended the staircase. That memory served as the “what if” that drove the story line for With This Collar.

The next book, On His Terms, began with a different idea… What if a woman was so smitten by a Dom that she’d do anything to claim his attention, including hiring a trainer to school her on the finer points of submission… And then… What if she began to fall for her trainer? And what if her trainer didn’t want to turn her over to another man?

That’s what happens to Chelsea Barton, a woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. So she pursues Master Alexander, even though he hasn’t trained a sub in a very long time. With relentless determination, she convinces Master Alexander, but what she learns about discipline and submission isn’t what she expects.

You’re welcome to visit the Den on Tumblr where you’ll find pictures of the characters, of the Devil’s Den, the surrounding area, excerpts, book covers, and special announcements.

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