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A busy month

It's going to be a hell of a month

I signed myself up for the A-Z Blog Hop, which I thought was a great idea, except that it means putting up a new post every day. I had intended to get several posts ahead of myself, but after a couple of evenings were spent with food poisoning and a couple more taken up with evenings out, I found myself barely keeping up.

I'm finishing edits on my Clandestine Classic, which has been great fun - I've never written the word "quim" so often in my life.

I'm also adding an extra two thousand words to a paranormal short, Sleepwalker, which I hope to have finished shortly, if my characters will stop moping and get on with it.

And lastly, I'm working on a Billionaire short starring a martial-artist bridesmaid with piercings. She's definitely the most entertaining character I've ever written, but refuses to do what she's told.

Add that to a full-time day job and I'm fully expecting to find that I've gone grey when my hair dye washes out. Agh! Wake me up when it's over...


Barbara Elsborg said...

Aren't all your months like that! Well apart from the post a day - that sounds like a lot of work. Yep, I'd be like you, get ahead of myself and then it all goes downhill!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tanith, I thought the A-Z blog hop sounded great too but it's a challenge I couldn't take on at the moment! Good for you - giving it a go! Your new works sound fab, btw! I'm trying to get my next western finished but with everything else ( especially the full time day job) it's not going as quickly as I'd hoped and my TBR list isn't getting much attention either!
But thank goodness for hair dye! It keeps the tell tale signs of age at bay! ;-)