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Talk, talk, talk

If you would ask me what part of a story I enjoy most writing, I wouldn’t have to think two seconds about it. Dialogue. Two people talking, to me there’s nothing more fun than that. And that is kind of funny, since as an introvert I’m very good at sitting quietly in a corner and make myself invisible.

Characters show so much of themselves by the manner and content of their conversations. They can spill their hearts through their words, or hide behind them. They can dominate with brute verbal force or subtly manipulate. They can show immeasurable trust or destroy that trust with a few words.

Stories in which lovers talk about their fantasies, needs and doubts are far more appealing and natural to me than the more silent variant. Mindreading between people who hardly know each other isn’t romantic, it’s silly. I don’t mean that in a contemporary story, the intended romantic pairing  need to fill pages and pages of conversations that would put Jane Austen to shame, but I don’t believe for a second that virtual strangers can do it all semi-silently.

I even love it when a couple talk during sex. It’s romantic and sexy and gives me the impression that those two are comfortable around each other and have a real chance to be happy as a couple in a manner that is actually believable. 

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Me too. I love reading and writing dialogue. It's the best bit!