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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Very Classic, Very Clandestine

So I have had a busy month finishing up Book Two of the Uniform Encounters series - and have been lost in Mesa, Arizona. I've been so wrapped up in my hunky guys - Jake and Quinn - that I had a hard time coming back to this dimension. I was bummed out at first, since they are both so delectable, but then I remembered that my Clandestine Classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will be arriving soon, May 3rd to be exact!

Now I'm sure there are plenty of people wondering, "What the....?" I mean, it's obvious to see how easy it would be to fall for the luscious Tarzan, or imagine what sort of naughtiness that Heathcliff and Cathy became tangled up in - but Ichabod Crane? Sexy? Huh?

Trust me, our dear schoolmaster know his way around a woman's - and a man's - body. Plus, he has a rather large appendage that gives him an added advantage over any other would-be suitors of Sleepy Hollow.

I read up a lot on Washington Irving when I first took on this project, and he approached everything with a strong sense of irony and humor. He also loved to use a lot of - sometimes criticized in his day - overly descriptive language. I wanted to keep not only to his voice, but to his sense of storytelling. When he talks about the coquettish Katrina, the gangly Ichabod who revels in all of the senses,
and the brutish Brom Bones; he leaves so many openings for lusty adventuring.

And there is quite a bit of that in this one! When all was complete, this truly became an MMF romp, with some BDSM, dark intrigue, and lots of love.

Check out an excerpt over at the product page HERE

See you next month!


Anonymous said...

Ooh sounds exciting! Will look forward to that one!
How did you find the process of writing in another author's style? Was it hard not to slip into your own voice? I'm not sure I'd be able to do it.

Morticia Knight said...

Molly: Thanks for stopping by. It was very zen - lol. I had to read the story over and over, and get in the rhythm of his voice. It was very challenging, but very exciting when I got in the zone.