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RT Conference 2013 in Review

For the fourth year in a row I have been blessed with being able to attend the Romantic Times Convention - this year in Kansas City, Missouri. Gotta say - I had loads of fun as well as - um - a few unexpected adventures.

1.  IT FUCKING SNOWED - IN MAY!!!!!!! (Sorry for dropping the f-bomb - but SERIOUSLY????? I repeat my twitter update of a few weeks ago - Mother Nature, you menopausal bitch, make up your mind!)

2.  Because of the snow, the hotel was overheated at times plus dry air plus sudden temperature changes equals really, really bad asthma - so I had to hit the inhaler - often.

3.  Because of hitting the inhaler often, every damned time I bumped into anything (I'm a bit accident prone!) I bruised. I ended the trip looking like I was the demo-model for all the BDSM sessions!

4.  Because of the dry air, my soft contacts adhered to my dry eyeballs and when I pried them off a blood vessel popped - so not only was I bruised up and out of breath - I had bloody eyeballs. My husband said I am not allowed to leave home anymore.

5.  I ate haggis!!! OMG - I can't say I'm going to fix it for Sunday dinner, but it was not nearly as frightful as I imagined! Go Scotland!!

6.  The cover models are not only HOT, HOT, HOT, they are also GENTLEMEN!!

7.  Free books galore - what joy!!! I think I had a mini orgasm every time I was handed a free book - which would be about 50 book induced orgasms in a 4 day period.

8.  The parties and costumes were fabulous. I want to dress up and do Cosplay more!

9.  Swag can include not only bookmarks and candy, but condoms, lube, soap, lip balm, hair ties, hand cuffs, mini whips, blindfolds and much, much more.

10.  As always, the best part was meeting all the people, talking to them, hearing their perspectives, laughing, dancing and most of all - reading and writing!

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh I wish I could go! Sounds great.