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A Night Alone

So, last Friday night my husband and I thought we'd have a lovely evening alone. Our oldest has moved to Oklahoma (with a fabulous job!) and the youngest and his beautiful girlfriend were off to the symphony. We knew we had hours so after dinner, we sat on the front porch, sipped wine and enjoyed the cool summer breeze. Hubby went in to re-fill the wine. That's when all hell broke loose. The phone rang and the tornado sirens went off simultaneously. Larry, a friend of the family, was driving through town when the sirens hit so he came to our house and asked to hide out in the basement. Of course!! Then the phone rang again. Oldest son calling from OK asking if we could check the radar since he was out of power and sirens were going off around him (keeping in mind the horrific tornado on May 20 in Moore - about 5 miles from where he now lives!) We did so and a tornado was heading right for him. Then he decides to grab his idiot - I mean sweet dog - and hit the road. Then the sirens in our town stop. Then the neighbor texts me and asks me to get his terrified dog. Then the town sirens go off again. Then our son calls again and says he is lost and wants us to look up on the net where the hell he is. Then we figure out he's driving straight into the heart of the storm and I FREAK OUT. Then hubby calms us all down and directs him out of danger. Then Larry and I grab the dogs - the neighbor's and my little princess and head downstairs to the basement. (Hubby thinks this is all SUPER COOL and stays to watch and check the news channels. Then after about 10 minutes the sirens go off again and the storm has passed us by - sort of. We are still getting "build the ark" type rains, but no tornadic activity. Then we all go back upstairs. Then the neighbor's dog poops and pees in my living room - the poor baby is terrified. Then Larry decides it's safe enough to leave. Then my son calls again and tells us - something - but between the loud pinging (hail) and the staticy connection, we can't hear a thing. Then I freak again and hubby tells me to get a nice whiskey to drink. Smart Man.  Then son calls again and says he's on his way home and all is good. the hail and story have passed him by. Then youngest son and his girlfriend get home.

So much for our night filled with red hot monkey sex! Sometimes, things don't work out as well as they do in novels, but they work out for the best. We were lucky. Our sons and friends and family and houses were all safe, so I am very, very grateful. Not far from us in St. Charles, Missouri, many homes were totally destroyed.

Later, we found out that more deaths occurred in Oklahoma. The people of that area will be re-building and recovering for quite a long time. Please, be generous with prayers, positive energy and support - especially to the Red Cross - to help with their recovery.

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