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First Chapter of Arresting Behaviour Out Now!

It has been a wonderful and busy month for me. I have been getting ready for the release of Part 2 in the Uniform Encounters series - Arresting Behaviour - and hard at work getting the final installment ready.

The thing that I've loved most about promoting this book has been all of the one line teasers. Seeing them out of context like that gave me a sense of how a reader might respond. Thank you to those who have given me feedback - it has been very encouraging. Here is the most recent one:

The graphics department did an amazing job at putting these together - just the right image. But best of all is that you can read the entire first chapter right now - yes - this very moment! Just go HERE to the product page, and scroll down to the excerpt where you can read the first chapter. Happy reading - and I hope you enjoy the intense connection between Jake and Quinn as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next month! ;-)


Barbara Elsborg said...

The graphics are great, you're right! Congrats on your release.

Anonymous said...
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Morticia Knight said...

Thank you Barbara! ;-)