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The Were Chronicles Revealed

              Six ebooks and two print volumes with many more to come in the Were Chronicles series.

 Thank you for joining me on my blog time today with Total-E-Bound. To celebrate Friday’s release of The Were Chronicles Print Volume 2 I thought I would share some fun facts about the Were Chronicles world. Things you probably do not know about the books.

I love the characters and hope you do also…but here are some secrets revealed!
#1- Pack Enforcer (book 2 of the WC) was actually written before Pack Alpha (WC1)
That’s right. I wrote about Cain and Emily, which was supposed to be a single book release, before deciding to try my hand at a series. I’d never written series books before. Once I decided to write the series I knew I had to start with an Alpha. That’s where we get to meet Gage Wolf.
#2- I’m still in love with Gage Wolf. Okay, I know that’s not a big huge secret. But I just had to throw that in there. Gage was everything an Alpha should be. Plus he helped launch my writing career. What better man is there? Lol
#3- Cain, Tony, and Lamont did not have a last name in their book. They didn’t get a last name until book four Pack Rogue.
#4- Here is a shocker though. In the first draft of Pack Enforcer- Cain’s brother, Tony, died. Yes, I know…crazy isn’t it. Luckily I came to my senses. Tony is still alive and well. Although I do not know how happy he is with me.
#5-Tasha is book three Pack Territory was never meant to be the main character. Adam was supposed to find his mate while searching for her sister. But Tasha insisted in tagging along.

#6- Book four was supposed to be Tony’s book. He wasn’t ready to find his mate yet I guess.

#7- Once Austin became the main characters of Pack Rogue, Austin was supposed to be shot instead of Tony. But Tony took the bullet and is really mad at me.

#8- Austin’s sister, Ginger, was planned to mate with Gray Mason at the end of Pack Rogue.

#9- Gray took Tony’s place in book five Pack Community. Poor Tony just doesn’t want to give in and find his mate for me. I think he still holds a grudge from almost dying in book two and getting shot in book four.

#10- Casey, Zack, Mike, Jess, RJ, and Mike have opened a new window in the Were Chronicles world. At this time all I can tell you is that there is something huge in the works!!! Come on, I can’t reveal all of my secrets. You’ll have to wait a little longer for that. J

#11- Nikki has been the funniest female character to write so far. I just love her. I think her and RJ are the best couple so far. Oh, and we are not done with Dylan’s story either.


#12- In book seven Mike travels to help a Pack in need as the consequences of the shifters going public are known.

#13- We met a deadly and dangerous foe that we battle in three books. Book seven, eight, and nine. It’s one of the most complex plots.

Well, I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about the world that I have created with the Were Chronicles. When I first started writing I had no idea what this series could turn into. I can’t thank all of you, the readers, enough for accepting me and my weres.

Without you there would be no shifters trying to find their mates while trying to live their lives. With you the possibilities are endless…

Crissy Smith
Romance on the 'WILD' side...


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