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A Little Time Away...

So, first let me apologize for neglecting my blog slot over here on Hitting the Hot-Spot. The past six months have gone by in a flurry of madness and I can honestly say my characters have helped me keep my sanity!

I was thrilled when my sister invited to Seattle for a visit! I'm truly a homebody, but I attempted to pack for eight days away from home. The first time I've ever been away so long.

Eight full days...

No kids.

No husband.

Just me and my sister enjoying one another's company and a little time away from our normal routines. The first few days felt strange. No one wanting or needing my attention. Just me and my own thoughts.

Sound peaceful?

Ha! My mind is always going, going, going! No, was peaceful once I allowed myself to relax and just enjoy my time away from home. Well, I just returned from the gorgeous and uncharacteristically sunny Emerald City a few hours ago!

I got a gorgeous shot of Mt. Rainier from my seat on the plane!
I was sad to leave my sister, but I truly missed my family. As I walked through O'Hare to retrieve my bag, I realized getting away is something we all need.

A chance to recharge...regroup and revitalize one's soul. Time away is often the best way to get back and bring back the very best YOU for your loved ones.

I have lots of exciting TEB news to share soon!

Much love,

Nichelle Gregory
Simply Sexy Stories

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