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Summer Writing

Summer is typically a time when the kids are out of school, camps abound, recreational events are at their highlight, and sun and surf are the order of the day. Most writers I know view summertime with a groan because it usually means less writing time. Is this true with you? I mean, there are vacations, visits to long lost relatives, and kids to entertain.

For me, I've looked forward to summers because it means I can stay indoors more often as I loathe the heat. Wait, it's a bit more detailed than that. It's not the heat so much, but I don't like the way the weather makes me sweat and feel like a damp rag (as opposed to the direct result of fun between the sheets). 

Naturally, being indoors means more opportunities at the computer to write.

In June, all looked well for me to be able to write eight or more hours a day if I wanted. That's what I'd counted on, actually.


This summer is proving to be a writing challenge. Despite all my plans, I am not able to write the stellar amount of time I'd wished. Even though we aren't gone everyday, I have to plan for said events. Even though the kids are old enough to be relatively self-sufficient, I have to make sure they eat and play nice and answer the myriad of questions they bounce my way. And I still find myself impatiently waiting for bedtime when just about everyone will leave me alone so I can knock out a couple thousand words for the day.

So no, my summer is not producing the writing I'd wished for, but all is not lost.

When my hard-to-write summer started to drag me down, I joined up with Camp NaNoWriMo for the month. Similar to the big one in November, you set a goal (words) to write and do it. I tried this in the spring and completely bombed. This time however, it's going great. With other authors there encouraging you on - and you doing the same for them - it's like one big writing orgy.

I'm only hoping this determination and goal setting will carry on, long after this month goes by.

What about you? Does summer time mean you have to adjust your writing plans, and if you do, how's it going this year?

Stay cool,

Ayla Ruse
~Ensnare yourself in love

1 comment:

Barbara Elsborg said...

I just don't write as well in the summer - it's easier to stay indoors in the winter - no temptation to go out!