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What's Not To Love About A Sexy Cowboy Dom...?

Shhhh. Don’t tell my gentleman friend I have a thing for cowboys!

 I was born in England, and I remember watching old Westerns on the “telly” with my grandfather, John Kelly. He'd have a Guinness and sit in his rocking chair, and I’d sit on the floor with while John Wayne swaggered onto the screen.

When I learned we were moving to the States, I already knew what I would find. After all, Colorado wasn’t just in America, it was in the Wild West. There would be dirt roads and covered wagon. Women would wear long gowns. A sherrif’s badge would gleam in the sun. There’d be horses and corrals, maybe a shootout. Men would have six-shooters strapped to their legs. Saloons would play bawdy music.

The men would wear jeans and dust-covered boots. There was even sure to be a Wanted poster about.  

Imagine my shock when I got off the plane, into a car, and passed a shopping mall.


Even though the West wasn't quite what I expected, meeting real live cowboys definitely did!
I dated a cowboy for a while. More than anything, I have to admit, I remember the hat!

The summer after I got my driver’s license was a magic one. My best friend was a barrel racer. I spent many days going to rodeos with her. And I’d stay in the stands after she’d loaded her horse in the trailer and driven off.

We’d go to dances each weekend, and I recall many fabulous days of watching rodeos at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming.

Ever since that magical summer, I have loved cowboys. When I wrote for Silhouette, I penned a number of books that featured ranchers and cowboys as heroes, and I rediscovered my love of hunky men in Wrangler jeans. I love their manners, their ties to the land, the way they care and nurture others--especially their women.
So my latest book from Total-E-Bound, Over The Line, was a natural fit. What could be better than a cowboy who’s also a Dom? Lordy, Lordy!

Not only does Master Michael Dalton wear a sexy hat and tight jeans, he knows how to use rope.

Our heroine, Sydney, a world traveler, has her jet-setting, adventurous life turned upside down by a man with roots deep in the land (oh, yeah, and a crazy, crazy undersized goat!).

For a woman who doesn’t like to be tied down, Master Michael certainly ties her up. I invite you to get Mastered…where your wildest fantasies come true…



 xxoo Sierra


Molly Wishlade said...

Wow! That all sounds so exciting, Sierra! I also watched many of John Wayne's movies with my Granny on a Saturday afternoon on a tiny portable tv. (She'd love the huge TV sets we have now! ) So I understand your love of the cowboy hero... strong, brave, protective, nurturing...Ooh! And they HAVE to be dominant or they wouldn't get things done! ;-)
Can't wait to read Over the Line !
Molly xxx

Sierra said...

Molly! Thanks for sharing YOUR story about your granny! Those are very special memories, aren't they? :) Oh, yes, what YOU said about the strong, brave, proectivce, nurturing, and DOMINANT cowboys. Sigh! ;) xxoo Sierra

Barbara Elsborg said...

Cowboys - I even love the word! I remember going riding in Bryce canyon with a guy who wore a duster and a hat -ahhhh - he was lovely! I was a crap rider though. I'm did a rising trot and he just about laughed himself off his horse.