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Found Out How I Ended Up In His Cuffs!

If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it!


You’ve heard the saying that life imitates art? In this case, it couldn’t be truer.


Following my divorce, I went to work for a small company that was doing about $124,000 a year in sales. (Yeah, seriously)


I loved the business. It was environmentally friendly, and, I thought, the market was ready for our company’s offering.


At my ninety day review, I sat down with the CEO, a gentleman with a ton of heart and entrepreneurial spirit. In advance of the lunch meeting, I had been asked to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions was, “Where do you want to be a year from now?”


I was bold, and I had no idea what I didn’t know. (The unknown unknown!)


So I said, “I want to be running this company.”


Flash forward a year. I was made General Manager.


Yep, I was running the company while the CEO went onto other ventures.


Through my life, my first love has been writing. I wrote my first books at age nine. (Yep, seriously.)


I wrote ten complete novels before Silhouette took a chance on me and offered a book contract.


My divorce sidetracked my romance novel aspirations. (I did think about writing murder mysteries, but that’s another story!)


I continued to write even as I worked sixty hours a week at the day job.


The company grew to a multi-million dollar corporation.


And, I decided to focus more and more attention on my writing.


I suggested the Mastered series to Claire at Total-E-Bound. And she was keen to acquire it.


The fourth book in the series was titled “In His Cuffs.” In this book, the hero has the heroine tied to an employment contract. In business terms, it’s known as golden handcuffs. I thought it was a fun idea for a book, but I had no idea that a year later, my life would parallel what was unfolding in my story.


I went to my boss to resign. (Did I mention he’s an entrepreneur?) He had a million other ideas happening, so… Yep, he offered me a deal if I would stay for a while longer.


As I was trying to extricate myself from the six a.m. to six p.m. daily grind, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


 A lot of readers have told me this story resonates with them. Well, a lot of the feelings the heroine experiences are the exact same things I was feeling about having her life somewhat defined for her.


I’m happy to report that, along with my heroine, I also got my happily ever after...


Here’s to yours!


Normandie Alleman said...

What an interesting post, Sierra! It's fun to hear how authors get their ideas for stories. And congrats on all your success. I love the Mastered series.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sierra!
It's great to hear about your 'real' life and your inspiration for your novels.
I'm always amazed at how hard writers work. Not only do many have families and work full time but they also produce these wonderful books which transport their readers all over the world.
Your love of writing shines through in your novels and your sparky, sassy and determined author voice!
Molly xxx

Barbara Elsborg said...

Why are all my offers ones I CAN refuse??
Congrats, Sierra! Not easy to work and write!