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Good bye Summer, Hello Fall!

I can't wait to officially say good bye to summer! There's one tree by my home with leaves already starting to change and I'm looking forward to seeing them all transform. Fall has always been my favorite season. Spring would be my second choice. Both seasons delight the senses with bursts of color as Mother Nature offers up a brilliant display of her many talents, but fall does something to my soul.

The air is different. There's this building excitement with the holidays right around the corner. Yet, there's still a little time for many us before the craziness of holiday planning and  parties begins. I love decorating for the season and having something festive to look at until January!

Right now, I'm imagining wrapping up in a soft shawl and just watching those brightly colored leaves flutter to the ground.

Besides, who needs all that humidity and heat when there are hot books to read!

Stay tuned, I'm super excited about several works coming soon with TEB! Next month, I'll be able to share more!

Until then...

Enjoy what's left of summer...I'm already craving spiced cider and pumpkin pie!

Love & Laughter,

Nichelle Gregory 
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Barbara Elsborg said...

Nooooo, not yet, I need more sun!!!!! LOL Still - those colours are lovely.

Maggie Nash said...

I love Autumn too. (We don't call it Fall here in Oz LOL). Not only for the vibrant colours, but the weather is usually less changeable. You know what you're getting :-)

Nichelle Gregory said...


I hope you get more sunny days to enjoy before Winter comes! Thank you for commenting! :0)


We don't have long to wait for Autumn!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nichele,
Autumn is my favourite season too. I love cold and crisp days when you can take long walks with your family enjoying the beautiful reds and golds of the changing trees then return home and snuggle up with a good read. It always leaves me with a feeling of anticipation which probably comes from childhood and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner.
I'm looking forward to it as well!
Molly xxx