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Inspiration Abroad

I’m very excited to be posting here for the first time.

My first single release with TEB, In Service to the Senses, came out a few weeks ago and it’s great to be part of this fantastic group. If you fancy a little Edwardian upstairs/downstairs action, then it's the story for you. And there's a fair bit of kink thrown in for good measure. Those Edwardians!

But what to blog about now? I’ll start with inspiration. We all need it; from where do we get it? As I’ve just returned from a holiday abroad, I got thinking about inspiration on our travels. I’d been to the place I visited before and I’m used to it, but the sights, sounds, smells and textures are still far removed from the cool, clean forms and sensations I’m used to where I live and hence very stimulating.

It was a fabulous break – rewarding and relaxing equally – the perfect combination for focusing the mind and body on sensation. With time on my hands and a free rein on my imagination, my brain whirs into action, accompanied by a perky libido; the results invariably spark many delicious erotic fantasies and ideas.

It can be a town I visit, a situation I found myself in, or a person who catches my attention – all new, all different, all somehow fleeting and ephemeral as I know I’ll be leaving. Perhaps it’s that need to cling onto the memories, just like taking a photograph – why not turn it into an erotic story to cherish?

It’s usually people who linger most in my mind. There was one guy this time who is still knocking around in my head insisting I write a story for him. He wasn’t typical of his countrymen. He was quiet and subtle, but cautiously polite and charming, with a reluctant smile and piercing eyes. I liked that. I doubt I’ll see him again. But he’s been stored up for use on a rainy day, shall we say. And I’ll be able to provide him with a leading lady and situation far beyond what reality probably could.

And there’s the great thing about being a writer. I’m not in a position to act as I may wish, but my imagination certainly is.

What sparks your imagination? Are there any particular people or places which have inspired you more than others? Thanks for having me. I look forward to getting to know you all more. 

Demelza Hart


Anonymous said...

Hey Demelza!
Congratulations on your novel and your first post at Hitting the Hotspot! I have the spot on the 12th and it was my debut post this month too.
Glad you had a lovely holiday!
Molly xxx

Demelza Hart said...

Thanks, Molly! Congratulations to you too. :-) DH x

Barbara Elsborg said...

Bit late but I'd add my best wishes to Molly's!!! Congrats.

Iris said...