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Maschalophilous by Lily Harlem

Because of the warm weather lately I've been thinking a lot about one of my favourite anatomical structures of the beautiful male body. So today I thought I'd share with you my leading obsession. And get this, it even has a medical term - maschalophilous - or, to put it more simply, armpit lust - Amen - and I have it by the bucketful.

You may have noticed I often describe my hero's sumptuous pits in my stories and that's because I always have a very clear idea of how they look, feel and smell. I've also blogged about this before, and for that I apologise, but it can't be helped, like I said, it's somewhat of an obsession.

This is one of my very fav. armpit pics.

There’s just something about this often overlooked part of the male anatomy that hits all the right buttons in me. The underarm is a secret place men don’t even know is secret, and when they strip off their tops, material covering their eyes for the briefest, most stolen of moments, we get to feast on their deliciously manly pits – and they don’t know anything about it!! How cool, or rather, hot is that?

Mr. Harlem has a delectable underarm, pale skin untouched by the sun, dark, wispy hair, the softest on his body, and a scent of pheromones that’s to die for.

Unfortunately, being that he’s consumed by the urge to pull away giggling whenever I try and caress this part of his body, means I’m in somewhat of an armpit drought and have to satisfy my craving with pics.... here you go, I'm not selfish, happy to share, though of course this is only a small sample from my collection :-)

Can't type - swooning!!!

Lily x


Barbara Elsborg said...

Hmm - well I like the pictures, Lily but looking as far as I'd go. I don't share your interest!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lily! I agree with Barbara. Liking the pics but not so sure about the obsession. :-) But variety is the spice of life as they say!