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Pack Daughter: Were Chronicles Book Seven First Look

                                          Were Chronicles Book Seven: Pack Daughter

                                               Pre-Order: 8/30/13

               I thought it was very good timing that today is my blog here at Total-E-Bound's hitting the hot spot and it is also the dau that book seven for The Were Chronicles: Pack Daughter is now out for pre-order!

               So this is your first look at the next installation of The Were Chronicles series.

               This year we have met shifters in two other books ( Pack Community and Pack Mates) - now see their friend Mike Jackson in his own story!

               At the end of Pack Mates: Were Chronciles Book Six the shifter world finally came out to the public... Now it's time to find out what happened...

The shifter world has announced their presence…and now must deal with the consequences.

Mike Jackson knew when the other members of his military unit started finding mates that his life would be heading for some major changes. The decision to leave the military was agreed upon but now that Mike is free, he is finding himself weary and bored. When the call comes in to assist a Pack facing dangerous threats, he is more than glad to help. He hopes getting back into the thick of things will calm him and his wolf. Becca Nelson’s heart is breaking at the horrible fires that are plaguing her town. Someone is out to destroy her community and they have no idea who it could be. Her father, the Alpha, makes a call for help and brings Mike into her life. Becca knows that Mike is the wolf for her the moment she meets him. With a direct threat against Becca, an ex showing up, and a kidnapping, Mike and Becca may not have the time to save both the town and each other. It’ll take everything Mike has in him to keep the Pack Daughter safe and give him time to place his claim. That is if Becca doesn’t have to rescue him first… I hope you are as excited about the upcoming books in The Were Chronicles as I am. You can pre-order your copy today of Pack Daughter and get a jump on everyone else!  Pack Daughter official release is October 11, 2013. So if you don't want to wait grab your copy now. Also, if you missed any of my previous posts remember book seven, eight, and nine are all being released in a three month period. October, November, and December of this year! So you can continue the series and not have to wait forever for the next installment! Crissy Smith   

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