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Sex, Humor and the Modern Heroine

This month I'm celebrating the Book Birthday of "Mr. Fix It" - my first title with Total-e-Bound. In the year since its debut, this adults-only romantic comedy has been embraced by readers and reviewers alike. And, for that, I am so grateful!

I knew before typing the first word who my heroine would be. Deena Stevens is smart, funny, quirky and curvy. She doesn't fit any precast mold of mind or body. Deena is one of a kind, and I hope you'll love her for it.

In a way, we're celebrating her birthday as well. As my our gift to you, please drop by the blog - Gabrielle Holly Romance - and enjoy the entire first chapter of "Mr. Fix It"

About "Mr. Fit It":
Deena can’t help but fantasise about the hot handyman she meets next door. She’s certain that the gorgeous blond has exactly the tool she needs.

Curvy, quirky Deena Stevens never quite fitted in. She feels especially out of place in the company of "The Botox Brigade"—the kept and polished women populating the upscale homes that border her organic farm.

Regardless of their differences, Deena’s neighbours seem to enjoy her company. They sit and chat when they come to buy Deena's free-range eggs and pesticide-free veggies. They even invite her to join their book club—despite the objection of Suzanne, who hosts the club meetings and clearly considers herself the queen of the group.

The book-clubbers peacefully coexist until a house call from sexy handyman, Bill, disrupts the monthly meeting. The women jostle for attention and superficial friendships are tested. Jealousies flare when the hot, handsome blond openly flirts with Deena and ignores the trophy wives. Suzanne has already set her sights on Bill, and when Deena reveals his surprising connection to her past, Suzanne gets territorial.

After their surprise reunion, Bill promises to keep in touch with Deena. Bill shows up at Deena’s door and a night of incomparable passion leaves them both craving more. When Suzanne discovers their tryst she begins crafting a plan to destroy the new love affair and steal the sexy handyman for herself.

Will Mr. Fix-It have what it takes to repair the damage?


Barbara Elsborg said...

This sounds fun!!! Happy anniversary for the book!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I hope he has all the right tools!
It does sound great! Happy Birthday to Mr Fix-it!
Molly xxx

Kate Deveaux said...

I loved this book, it's one of my favorites and is still on my kindle a year later! Can't wait to read what you've got planned next.