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A Month of Celebrations!

                         Get Ready for an Exciting Month- October is going to ROCK!

October is only a day away and I can’t wait! I’ve been hard at work organizing and planning an entire month of celebrations just for you!

                                             HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
*Yes, October 2013 is my five year anniversary as a published author and with Total-E-Bound. My very first book was released in October 2008 in the Halloween Collection Bite Me. My story Savage Love brought Kelly Walker into a world is never knew existed. Werewolves, vampires, and humans collide! Oh My!
To me it seems like decades have gone by since my first book release. It also seems like it was only last week. I know, how can that be!?!
Sometimes I still want to pinch myself when I realize that this month I will have my twentieth book published! It goes to show that dreams really do come true!
Oh come on! I have to get a little sappy… Five years!!!!
*Now my five year anniversary isn’t the only thing we are celebrating this year.  October is also the start of three months of back to back to back Were Chronicles Release!
That’s right, in the next three months we have the next three installments of The Were Chronicles General Release Dates.

Pack Daughter: Were Chronicles Book Seven

Pre-Order: 8/30/13

V.I.P Release: 9/13/13

General Release: 10/11/13
Pack Hunter: Were Chronicles Book Eight
Pre-Order: 10/4/13
V.I.P. Release: 10/18/13
General Release: 11/18/13
Pack Council: Were Chronicles Book Nine
Pre-Order: 11/15/13
V.I.P. Release: 11/29/13
General Release: 12/27/13
*But I’m not finished yet!!!!*
I’ve hinted the last few months about the Were Chronicles growth and expansion. October 25th will be the launch of this first step!
The Were Chronicles Website
October 25th will be the launch celebration for the Were Chronicles very own website. This website will be dedicated to the Were’s and their world. On this website it will be easier to read about the books, contests, a page to catch up with the characters, and an awesome map to Track the Pack.
During this launch party I will be giving tons of prizes away. Free books, gift cards, goodies, and more. This party will be held on the website and my Facebook fan page. It you haven’t liked my Facebook fan page please do! That way you won’t be left out of the fun!
I hope you are as excited as I am.
The entire month of October I will be popping up with all kinds of free gifts to show my appreciation to you. I wouldn’t, couldn’t, have made it through the last five years without the support of my publisher, editors, and readers.
I am Thankful for all of you. And thrilled all the excitement going on!
Crissy Smith

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