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Alpha Heroes Make Me Swoon

And what is it, exactly, that makes a man an alpha?

Sure, we all attracted to different physical features. Some women like tall, dark, and handsome. Some like short, sexy, spikey blond hair. Some love tattoos or tight buns. (Not that there’s anything wrong with tattoos AND tight buns!) Some love washboard abs.

Maybe it’s his dark eyes that attract us. Or his gorgeous smile.

But to me, all the exterior trappings don’t matter as much as what’s inside.

I love a hero with confidence. I love a hero who is attracted to a woman and lets her know it, pursuing her with single-minded determination. (And I’m not talking about stalkers. That’s another thing, entirely.)

My heroes, no matter what they look like, will have characteristics in common.

They’re loyal. They’re trustworthy. They’re leaders. And they won’t settle for anything less than a woman who’s their equal.

My guys need women who are matches to their personality. As a result, my heroines are strong, determined, resolute, spunky.

My guys may be initially attracted to a heroine’s looks, but there’s something about her that will ensnares him. They don’t get hung up on the physical. They’ll look past the things that she may see as imperfections, and they’ll take the time to get to know who she really is.

He won’t be satisfied to just have hot sex with her. (Though I promise you there will be plenty of that!) He will talk with her, get to know what feeds her emotional fires. He’ll invest time and energy into the things that matter to her.

Beyond that, he will listen, really listen, when she speaks. He won’t be flipping the channels. He will give her his entire focus.

I love my alpha heroes, and to me that means much more than a guy who’s big and strong. It means he’s a man who able to open up, reveal his heart and take emotional risks, all because of the love of one woman.

Yeah, to me, that’s what it’s all about… An alpha hero is a man secure enough to allow himself to be vulnerable because the heroine is worth any risk.

xxoo Sierra




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