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It's all in the words

Writing my current story, I’ve had to spend some time looking up obscure words. My main characters are aliens with a translator chip - but....they find English fascinating. 
Very distracting research. I find myself trawling through the letter d and think – I’ll just go through e and then I’ll stop. Er, no, I kept going but I came across some real doozies that might amuse you as much as they amused me.

Adelphogomy – the sharing of a wife by two or more brothers – particularly useful if the wife in question is called Adelphi.

agapet – lover of women – not sure whether that’s by women or men or it doesn’t matter.

belonephilia -  sexual obsession with sharp objects – a good reason not to have knives in the bedroom or sharp belones - whatever they are.

buss – rude or playful kiss – I love that one – I’m going to give you a buss. No not a bus, a buss.  Come back here!

iconolagny – stimulation from pictures or statues – but statues have such small willies?

kinkle – a slight kink – my favorite!!!

illapse – to glide in – could be useful.

illinition – the act of rubbing against – could also be useful.

kouros – statue of a nude male – probably not useful unless you’re into iconolagny.

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Anonymous said...

Love those unfamiliar words Barbara! Could take talking dirty to a whole new level! Thanks! I LOVE expanding my vocabulary! :-)