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Lust Emergency - Uniform Encounters 3 Excerpt - 10% off on VIP Download

Hello all - I'm headed to the Gay Romance Meet-up in Seattle, but I'm stopping by to give you another excerpt from Lust Emergency. It's available right this very minute at 10% off on the VIP download. Grab it before anyone else! Speaking of grabbing - I have a steamy little excerpt for you here today. You see, Terrence belongs to the sex club Sinsation in Phoenix Arizona. As much as he's been having a great time there, he's feeling the need for a change. He's thinking about the new ER doctor at the hospital where he works as a paramedic, and Terrence is finally feeling how impersonal and empty his club lifestyle has been. But maybe one of his fuck buddies there is more into Terrence than he originally realised.

Jim smiled a little shyly. “Thanks. This was a great first time. I’m really glad it was with the both of you.”
Terrence smiled back, then looked over at Marcus sitting on the bed glowering. It seemed Marcus was always butt-hurt about everything lately. Actually, Terrence had been a bit like that too—they both weren’t gelling the way they used to.
“Are you two in love now? Fuck. He hardly did anything except sit there playing with himself.”
He’s acting jealous. What’s his problem?
“Well, I thought you were both great. But I have to go, I have an early flight. I’ll come to the club next time I’m in town, and maybe we can hook up again?”
Jim was putting his clothes on, and Marcus was lying on the bed sulking. Terrence frowned. Talk about a post-come buzz kill.
“Yeah, Jim,” he said. “That sounds cool. It was nice to meet you.”
“Thanks, Terrence.” He looked Marcus’ way. “You too, Marcus.”
It was a bit of an awkward exit, but Jim was obviously trying to be as nice as possible.
Terrence stood up, tucking his dick back in his jeans. He wiped his hands on one of the many towels provided in each area. He held one clean hand out to Jim, and shook it.
“All right then. Until later.”
“Yeah, man. Till later.”
Jim ducked out of the room, and that was that. Marcus was still lying on the bed not making a move or saying anything. Terrence shook his head in disgust. He picked up another towel, poured a little bottled water on it and swiped at the jizz on his pants. He couldn’t figure Marcus out anymore and was tired of trying. Maybe he was just tired of the whole damn scene.
Terrence grabbed his jacket and that seemed to spark Marcus to life.
“So that’s it? You’re just going to leave now? I don’t even get to fuck you?”
“Jesus, you came twice, I came twice, are you going for an award or something?”
“You haven’t even touched me tonight. You used to stay here with me for hours at a time. We’d play with different guys, go upstairs and get a couple drinks, do some dancing, then come downstairs for more action. Now you watch me break in another guy, then let him go down on you. What about me, huh?”
“You seemed like you were happy with what you got. You were all hot for that cherry ass.”
“Yeah, but I wanted to take him with you, not alone. Fuck, you just don’t get it, do you?”
“You are absolutely right, I don’t get it. I don’t get you, I’m not sure I even get this club anymore. Maybe I should just stop coming here at all.”
Marcus looked at Terrence with panic in his eyes.
“No, man, it’s cool. Don’t do anything drastic. I’m good.” Marcus purred his next words, like he was trying to seduce Terrence. “Forget what I said, I’m just hot for my main man, that’s all. It ain’t no thing, we’re cool.”
Marcus was rambling, almost desperate-sounding. It threw Terrence off. He wasn’t used to him acting like that.
“Look, Marcus, just… Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m really tired and want to go home. It’s been a crazy week with me hitting my head and all of that. I just need some rest.”
“Yeah. Of course. I’m being selfish, I’m a total asshole. Forget everything I said, and I’ll see you next week for the show.”
Marcus looked as if he might be getting angry again, but was controlling himself. “The show that we’ve been talking about for weeks. The porn stars Rod Heat and Stern Masters will be appearing live, doing a BDSM sex show.”
Shit. I forgot all about that.
“Right, of course. That show. Sure. I’ll be here.”
Marcus’ face softened. “Promise?”
“Yeah, I promise.”
“You wanna get some dinner together before?”
That completely caught Terrence off guard. He and Marcus had never had any social contact outside of the club.
“Uh, call me and we’ll see how it works out.”
“Great. I’ll call you next week.”
Terrence nodded, and turned to leave as quickly as he could. That had just been the most disconcerting conversation he’d ever had with his playmate.
Is he getting too into me?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next month!

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