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On Turning fifty

Yes, I'm fifty today. So, I thought I'd do a "fifty things I love (or at least really like)" list in no particular order. In truth, I thought turning fifty would bother me, but actually, I find it liberating.

1.  I'm turning fifty - which means I'm still living.
2.  I'm living well - I have a job, house, husband, sons and daughter-in-law - all of whom I love.
3.  I have a good paying job
4.  I have insurance
5.  I have vanilla sex often
6.  I have kinky sex often
7.  I get to give my husband a blow job any time I want to
8.  I have living, healthy sons who take care of their mama
9.  One son has just married the girl of his dreams.
10. The other son is dating the girl of his dreams.
11.  I can still drink wine
12. whiskey
13.  rum
14. tequila
15. vodka
16.  my little dog (who is 13 years old!)
17.  my mother
18.  cooking
19.  watching my friends and family eat my cooking
20.  friends to numerous and dear to name
21.  my little pink vibrator
22. my ability to read
23.  my ability to see
24.  my very large and well formed breasts
25.  my book collection
26.  my husband's collection of "toys"
27.  laughter
28.  the smell of babies
29.  the silk of a baby's hair
30.  the softness of a baby's skin
31.  being married for 27 years
32.  my hairdresser
33.  wine (oops, mentioned that already, but it really counts for white and red!)
34.  dancing
35.  music
36.  the Sax
37.  the ability and desire for anal sex
38.  regular spankings
39.  the pain/pleasure of a butt plug
40.  the pain/pleasure of nipple clamps
41.  cake
42.  fresh bread
43.  Nightwish
44.  Liam Neeson (Oh My!)
45.  my publisher
46.  working on a new book
47.  my grandmothers - rest their spirits!
48.  a lovely, big penis
49. a lovely, small penis
50.  life.


Barbara Elsborg said...

That sounds a great list to me! Especially the drinking bit!

Kate Deveaux said...

Best wishes for a terrific year,

Anonymous said...

Love this list!
Congrats on the big 50! In this day and age, 50 is a great age to be. We still look great, think great thoughts and have great energy, as well as having a lot more wisdom than we did thirty years ago.
I love your celebration of this fab age and wish you many more wonderful years ahead!
Helen Mirren is still sexy, sassy and wickedly delicious at 68, so there's plenty to look forward to too! :-)