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Thank you for joining me for a little insight into my latest release, THE BUTLER DID IT

Now, I know you're wondering...just what did that sexy butler do that he got his own little book about the goings on Upstairs/Downstairs and even out on the roof top....

He's more than a professional butler...

Clarkson puts the "serve" back into "At Your Service."

A sneak peek into Clarkson's world when work turns to play:


Only fifteen minutes until he was off duty. He opened the door gracefully with his hip as he carried in the tray. Vi smiled up at him. She was seated elegantly at one end of the long glass table, with its spectacular unobstructed view of the twilight lit bay many floors below. The sun was just sinking into the horizon and Vi’s reflection was duplicated in the panes of glass that stretched out across the room.

“Good evening, Ms Vi, how was dinner?” he asked as he placed the tray on the table, careful to keep it steady despite the slight tremble in his hands.
“Excellent, Clarkson.” Vi gazed at him appreciatively.
“I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t like the whipped cream on your fruit plate, is that something you’d like me to have Chef omit from now on?”
“You notice everything,” she said provocatively. “It’s just a bit rich is all, too decadent.”
“Ah, I see,” he said, thinking it ironic that a woman who was surrounded by decadence denied herself a lowly dollop of whipped cream. 
“And how are you making out with Michel and Marie, everything under control?”
“Couldn’t be better.” He carefully placed her coffee in front of her, catching a whiff of her perfume. Demanding pangs of desire taunted him as his eyes skimmed across her décolleté before his gaze drifted upwards. He caught his breath for a moment, she was so gorgeous. “We’re all set for tomorrow, and for your guests arriving, Ms Vi.”
“Oh, dreadfully boring work business. I’d much rather talk about you.” Vi motioned to the chair next to her. “Have a seat, Clarkson.”
He sat down slowly, his pulse quickening beneath his skin.
“You look dashing in your suit, by the way,” she said, sipping her coffee before flashing that super sexy look of hers. “Ermenegildo Zegna,” she stated.
He watched as her rosy lips brushed the rim of the cup once again, fighting his desire to slip his tongue into her mouth.
“Clarkson, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t usually have these feelings. I am having a difficult time resisting my feelings...resisting you.” She placed the cup down and toyed with the demitasse spoon resting on her saucer then glanced up at him. Her emerald eyes sparkled, searching his.
“I am not immune to similar feelings,” he said, clearing his throat with uncharacteristic nervousness.
“I just don’t know what to do about it,” Vi said, sounding despondent as she looked out at the darkened bay. Sighing, she pushed her chair back and stood, leaving Clarkson at the table alone. He held his breath, wondering what she’d do next. She walked behind him and dimmed the lights of the chandelier and sconces slightly. He exhaled as she returned, standing behind his chair, running her fingers across his shoulders, one seductive stroke at a time. “One more time. I need you one more time,” she whispered. She leant down and kissed him near his ear, her hot, moist breath making him hard as she nibbled at him, sliding her hand down his chest, teasing his muscled pecs.
“I’m still on duty, Ms Vi,” he said, looking up at her—he glanced at his watch then back at her with a mischievous smile.
Her touch was intoxicating as she ran her hands along his arms, kneading his shoulders with her talented fingers before letting her lips trail slowly along his neck again. “But you’ll be officially off duty soon,” she whispered, blowing on his neck, continuing her trail along his jawline with her lips. “Very soon,” she said just as her lips reached his. 

Thanks for sharing this time with Clarkson and Vi....when works turns to play and they break all the rules.

Also released as part of the AT YOUR SERVICE ANTHOLOGY which is available now in PRINT as well ebook.

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Normandie Alleman said...

Hot excerpt! Love the pictures too.

Kate Deveaux said...

Thanks Normandie, pictures are always so much fun to pick when they are for drop dead sexy male characters!