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Theme Tunes

By Lily Harlem

Recently I was asked if music played a part in my writing. I didn't have to think very long to realise that it most definitely does. Most of my books, novellas or novels and indeed co-authored books have mentions of songs, or music playing somewhere in the twists and turns of the plot.

Music is part of all of our lives, some more than others, so it's only natural that it's part of our characters too.

When I was writing That Filthy Book with Natalie Dae we  discovered that we are both secret James Blunt fans. So we used his music when Jacob was running a bath for Karen right before they indulged in their first anal play. There's candles and scented bubbles and a whole load of naughtiness, and Jacob is just the sweetest husband, I think I fell for him completely during that scene.

Another book I wrote, a short story called Orchestrating Manoeuvres was actually inspired by a music video. 

Do you remember in the 90's Kate Moss did pole dancing to The White Stripes?

I used the idea of a super-model starring in a video as the basis for my story, though instead of a rock band my musicians - note the pleural, it's a menage - are classical pianists. I really enjoyed the visuals in my head when writing about the video and the sexy moves.

The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita is part of the Bollywood range, and although there isn't mention of a specific song in the book, there certainly was something like this going on in my head when writing the wedding scene.

So do you have music in your head when you write? Do you enjoy mentions of music in the stories that you read, and is there a theme song to your life?

Lily x

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