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50% off Box Sets at the New Totally Bound Site + Sexy Menage Excerpt

Sorry this is so late to go live, but I was thoroughly distracted by the gorgeous new Totally Bound Website. You have to see it! As a part of the celebration to introduce you to the new site, Totally Bound is now offering wonderful box sets at a whopping 50% off. There are several themes, and one of them is the Three's a Thrill theme, which involves menage or more stories with a paranormal twist. I'm honoured that my sexy paranormal, A Spirit of Love, has been included. I'll give you a naughty little taste of that story here:
     Within a few seconds, the windows stopped shaking and everything was quiet. The ruckus had blown the candles out, and she grabbed one of the flashlights that the guys had brought and switched it on so that she could find her lighter. An icy breeze swooshed past her. Instantly, her nipples were hard again, and she was feeling warmth between her legs.

     Here we go again. But this time I need to stay in charge.

     “No,” she said. “I need a name. Tell me a name.”

     She waited. The heat of the sexual energy in the room was still very evident.


     It was a low husky whisper. Louise? She had actually been asking what his name was, but maybe that was the problem. Maybe he wasn’t after any female, but a particular female. The one who was represented by The Lovers card and had been chained with him to The Devil that he was mistaking her for.

     “I’m not Louise,” she said.

     The door slammed again, and the energy was morphing, moving away from the sexual heat of moments before.

     “Why Louise?”

     The same whisper, but on her other side this time.

     “I don’t understand. Help me to understand.”

     Nothing. It was if he had used up all of his energy in his angry display, then finally the mysterious whispers. But at least now she had a name, something she could go on. It was time to find out about this house and a woman named Louise. She headed downstairs.

     “Emilio, Martin!”

     They both burst through the front doorway, almost knocking each other over.

     “What!?” “Are you okay?” They cried out on top of one another, and bounded up the stairs towards her. They reached her on either side, both clutching her arms.

     A girl could get used to two guys acting this concerned all the time—it’s kind of an interesting scenario. I wonder if they’d be this giving in bed?

To grab this boxed set of stories that includes A Spirit of Love, click HERE and scroll down to get Three's a Thrill.

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