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Clarkson Dale is the consummate professional butler — that is until work turns to play and he breaks all the rules.

Want a sneak peek into his world? Don't be shy, come join me, your secret is safe with me....




His mouth went dry, his eyes locked with hers and he caught a blush on her cheeks. Was she thinking what he was thinking? God, he hoped not. He’d be fired before he even started.
“Let me show you my closet,” she said, holding his eyes. “I am very particular about it and how I like my clothes laid out. Must be the designer in me.”
“Of course, Ms Vi,” he said, following her once again.
“Clarkson, you’ll be supervising Maria and the other staff, her assistant Mathilde, Michel the chef, the chauffeur, the rooftop gardeners and my pilot. There’s a heli pad on the roof. Now, as for Maria... Well, she’s not that reliable—as you may have noticed from her absence. I trust you’ll sort that out.” Vi let out an exasperated sigh. “And please make sure she lays out the outfits for me to wear the following day, ready for me to review the night before.”
“Of course, Ms Vi.”
“Is that all you have to say, ‘Of course, Ms Vi’?” she asked with what he detected was a playful tone, leading him to her walk-through-closet—a closet the size of most people’s living rooms.
“Of course, Ms Vi,” he replied, pushing the envelope, unsure how she would respond.
Her eyes sparkled as she laughed. “You’ve a quick wit, Clarkson, we’ll get along just fine,” she said.
He struggled to maintain his employee status standing in her closet, only too aware of her tempting curves and smouldering gaze.
“How old are you, Clarkson, may I ask?”
“Thirty-two, Ms Vi. Is that a problem?” His lips were parched at the want of her as he imagined just what her lips could do. Not now! He needed this job. He’d miss his car payment this month if he didn’t get a pay cheque. The last thing he needed was this Vivienne Martin sending him back to the agency.
“No, perfect,” she said, running her hands along a green silk dress as she continued through the closet.
His cock pressed against his pants at the sight of her delicate fingers thumbing the fabric and her appreciative gaze as she looked at him. He hoped she didn’t see his evident arousal, but he had a suspicion she had when she flashed a devilish look his way before ushering him through to her large bathroom.
“I like a tub drawn every night. Maria is hopeless, so I’ll leave it for you to do. Not too hot,” she said.
As she stepped past him, he couldn’t help visions of their naked bodies frolicking in the water from popping into his head.
“Come to think of it, I might like one now,” she said, with a slow smile, motioning for him to draw her a bath. “I’ll be in my bedroom. Let me know when it’s ready.”

What the fuck? He was a professionally trained butler and he’d worked for some of the richest and most prominent families in the US and overseas, and now he was standing in his drop dead gorgeous employer’s bathroom with an obvious erection. Thankfully, she’d gone back to her room. Suppressing his overt desire, he proficiently went about drawing her bath, harnessing his most professional demeanour. He set out the tray of soaps and a few fluffy towels beside the tub and dimmed the lights. When the bubbles reached the top of the
gigantic tub, he checked to make sure he’d thought of everything his employer might want and realised she’d need her robe.
He stepped inside her closet. “Oh.” He paused with a gasp. Vi was bent over, slipping out of her skirt, her see-through lace panties revealing her perfectly shaped ass. Her eyes widened in surprise as the skirt slithered to her feet.
“Excuse me, Ms Vi, I thought you were in the bedroom,” he said, quickly averting his eyes. “Your bath is ready.”
“Clarkson?” she called.
He mustered his self-control and turned back to her, diverting his gaze to the row of clothes hanging orderly behind her to avoid looking directly at her half-naked body.
She smiled tentatively at him, stepping towards him in just her bra and panties.
He should move, leave the room, but he could not command a muscle. He longed for those full breasts, to feel the smooth curve of that body under his touch. It wasn’t professional to have these feelings for his boss, he knew better. He was damned if he refused the enticing temptress before him and damned if he gave into his desire and she accused him of coming on to her.
She smiled as if she could read his mind and reached out for him. Oh shit, to hell with the job. He could always get another one. He pulled her close to him, her body was so soft and hot, pressing against him. His cock yearned for her. His lips met hers, and he brushed the long auburn tendrils from her face. He pushed his tongue into her soft and welcoming mouth, feeling her shudder as he grasped her round buttocks and squeezed her against him. 

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