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Happy Halloween Early and Announcement

Well it is time to celebrate my favorite holiday. I am a huge fan of Halloween. With its history, customs, and fun it is a day and night that is full of possibilities.

For a paranormal writer like myself I looked forward to this time of year and my imagination runs wild. After all, if there was a night I finally got to meet my Master Vampire or Alpha Werewolf, wouldn't it be on a night they could go out as themselves?

I tend to gravitate more towards the paranormal then any other genre. Even if I don't mean to. In all honesty I have started books that were meant to be purely romance but some how one character just screams that he belongs in the paranormal world. And then it begins...

                           Although I won't complain. I really do love the paranormal!

So I wanted to say a quick Happy Halloween to all my friends who celebrate the holiday and for those who do not... Happy Fall.

                      Now, though, I would like to get on with my big announcement.

I have been hinting for some time that there was a big announcement in the Were Chronicles world. And I am happy to share it with you here also...

The Were Chronicles have their very own website.

A place dedicated just t the Alpha males and feisty females to bring you closer with you favorite characters.


This site is up and running and waiting for you to drop by. Here you will find brand new features that my Author website does not have.

Have you ever wondered where the Packs are located? Well, now you can find them. Just head over to the Track the Packs page and find your favorite shifter!

Also, there is a guest book that you can sign once a month to be entered into my monthly contest. The guest book entry is additional to any other way to enter. So that's 1 free chance!

Right now I am running a contest through the guestbook until the end of the month in celebration of the Website Launch! Sign the guest book before midnight 10/31/13 (CST) and be entered to win a $25.00 egift card from Amazon.

And last but not least! Every month one of the characters will drop by and catch up with you. This month we received a nice note from Gage Wold, Pack Alpha, from book one. If you've missed Gage, you can find out just where he will be seen next, and hell tell you all about Marissa and the new baby!

So I hope you will stop by the new site and bring your friends!!!

There is a lot more in store for the two remaining months of the year. In November I have two releases and December will follow will one more.

                                                  Coming Soon! November 8, 2013

                                                   Coming Soon! November 15, 2013

                                                   Coming Soon! December 27, 2013

So have a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow! Oh and if you DO happen to see a vampire or werewolf, please send him my way!

Crissy Smith


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