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Love Note...In A Bottle!

Last weekend, during my birthday celebration, my sister and I were walking on the beach and found a message in a bottle! 

Together, we opened the champagne bottle and read the note. A couple was celebrating their first wedding anniversary and wanted to share their joy with the world. (What could be cooler than for a romance writer to find a love note?) 


Unfortunately there was no date or location on the note, so I have no idea how long ago it had been written or where it had been launched from.  

So, after some thought, my family and I decided to re-launch the bottle.  

My daughter penned a note to include with the original, adding our best wishes, adding a location and date, and expressing our own joy from being together to celebrate a girls-only birthday trip. We put my e-mail address on the note and invited a response from anyone who found it.

We went online to research the best time to do so. (I think it’s possible to find out anything these days.)

Then we looked up the time of the next high tide. All six of us went down to the beach under the nearly full moon and sent the bottle on its way.

It was a fabulous experience, something that made our get-together even more meaningful. If I get any updates, I’ll keep you posted!  



Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh how lovely! And that was a great thing for you to do too!!

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