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Why I Love the Paranormal

It’s coming up to Halloween – time for trick-or-treaters, ghoulish decorations and spooky releases.

I’m not a Halloween person myself, but I love anything paranormal. I love horror films, I love to read about seances, ghosts, psi powers and cryptozoology. And I love the freedom that it gives when writing a story.

Oh, I’m not short of story ideas outside of the paranormal. But being able to bend the rules of the known world is hugely entertaining. Everyone tackles them differently. What would happen if you fell in love with a vampire – or perhaps an angel or one of the fae? What would happen if you could control objects with your mind? Or if you could talk to ghosts? Who wouldn’t want to believe there was a world beyond ours where all this was possible?

I don’t have a paranormal release out on Halloween, but I do have one out in early November. Sleepwalker follows herbalist Tally Haslam, who goes to stay at a haunted hotel for a paranormal evening. On the first night she sleepwalks, waking to find herself outside the open bedroom door of Kyle Hunter, who has chosen to pleasure himself before he goes to sleep. Shocked and hopelessly aroused, Tally escapes and decides to keep this a secret – but the ghost of Madigan Hall has other ideas…

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