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Book Addict

Hello…my name is Molly Wishlade and I’m a book addict.
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My TBR pile is growing daily. It’s a good job that I have a Kindle or I would literally not be able to move around my house. In fact, I think I have to agree with DH…I am becoming a book hoarder!!!

I love reading but I also love writing. In addition I work ft, have a lovely husband and two fabulous children. This does not make finding reading time easy.

In my youth (all those years ago) I read voraciously. I always always had a book in my hands. It was something that my grandparents and parents encouraged but at times, it actually even began to irritate them a bit. I preferred to read than go out or do pretty much anything. Now I don’t know if that made me a bit sad, a bit anti-social, a bit of a nerd or just a book addict. But that’s how it was.

Fast forward to the present day and I would LOVE to have the time to read that I once enjoyed. But then, I wouldn’t surrender anything about my current life. Except the day job perhaps.

So back to my current TBR pile. I am a book magpie. When I see a shiny shiny cover…I have to have the book. When I’m hooked by a tag line or a blurb…I have to have the book. When an author friend releases a new book…You get the drift of it.

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So what will cure me of my addiction?

In short nothing.

I am a book addict and I am proud of that fact.

I will continue to buy books and I will continue to read books. I will always enjoy books.

So all you fabulous authors, keep writing! I need my fix.

And all you wonderful readers, keep reading and rating so that the authors keep writing.


Molly xxx




Barbara Elsborg said...

Me too, Molly. When I ran away from home - aged 10, I packed all my books!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara! That's so sweet! I have books I've kept since I was about seven and I'd never part with them. Their covers, their smell, their stories...precious! Xx