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Giving up Control

There is something thrilling and scary and very seductive about giving up control...erotic romance writers know this and often explore the nuances of submission, surrender and domination. Carefully crafted, scenes of losing control are often a pivotal moment in the development of the characters. Stakes raise and the tension explodes. The surrenderer is exposed, all senses are heightened as pleasure is pushed to the breaking point. 


For control freak businesswoman Vivienne Martin, in THE BUTLER DID IT, she aches to hand over the reins to her sexy new employee and share her darkest desires....but does she dare....will she be able to stand the ecstasy if she lets Clarkson take control?


Vi climbed the stairs to the second floor. At the top she paused and slipped off her shoes, welcoming the relief from the confines of five-inch heels. She rubbed one foot and looked out at the glorious Miami night skyline. It would be humid out there in the mid- summer tropic air, but it was nice and cool in her sprawling penthouse. Her nipples hardened as she slipped out of her heavy beaded dress—one of her favourite designs that she would soon feature in the spring black label line—leaving her completely naked. She trailed the long dress behind her as she entered her bedroom. The room was dark, which was odd. Marie must have forgotten to turn the lights on. That maid has a mind like a sieve. At least Marie hadn’t screwed up serving the guests, the evening had gone by without a hitch, even with that dreadful, sleazy guy from the New York office who’d kept looking down her top.
Stepping towards the bed, she reached to switch on a light then walked over to the closet, her bare feet sinking into the plush white carpet. The closet was unusually dark as she entered—the light sensor didn’t go on. Odd. She fumbled in the pitch black for the switch, cursing the defective sensor.
She jumped as strong arms wrapped around her from behind, scaring her, but immediately she sensed who it was. “Clarkson,” she murmured in delight.

“Shhhh,” he said, running his hands over her body before covering her mouth with one as he kissed her neck and shoulders. 
She licked the inside of his palm as he held his hand firmly across her mouth. She was unable to let the sounds of desire escape as he teased her with his warm moist tongue along her neck then the sensitive spot behind her ear, cupping her breast with his other hand. 
His erection and the hard metal button of his dress pants pressed against her ass making her wild with desire. She writhed against him in the blackness as he kneed her legs apart roughly, trailing his finger along her collarbone and slowly down her torso, flitting above her groin. She groaned again, his hand still across her mouth, stifling the sounds of her excitement. She wanted him so badly, grinding her bare ass against him. 
He pushed back against her as he teased her with his fingers, gently caressing her thighs, coming very close to her pussy, but not quite there. He whispered in her ear, “I want you and I am going to have you.”
She gasped and he removed his hand from her mouth then scooped her up in his arms. Her lips met his as she wrapped her hands around his neck, eager for his him while he carried her out of the dark. He kissed her deeply and she held on tight as he walked past her bed and out onto the rooftop terrace that adjoined her bedroom. The blast of warm tropical air hit her naked body as he carried her over to the far end of the private patio. He laid her down carefully on the canopied outdoor daybed that she’d had specially built, complete with billowing white tulle curtains and a thick sumptuous mattress, so she could sleep amidst the stars in the cooler weather—she had a tingly feeling it was about to be used for nothing so tame as sleeping. She could hardly wait.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into Vi's surrender...

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