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Winter Inspiration

I love winter. Not just Christmas and sparkle and presents, but long nights and hurrying in from the cold.

So while many people are moaning about the shorter days and coming home in the dark etc, I’m delighted. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too, but there’s something intimate about winter which sparks my imagination. And I don’t even use my open fire, despite having one. (It’s really time to get the chimney swept!)

I write better in winter than at any other time. Looking back over my most creative periods, it’s usually in the autumn or winter. I suppose it’s partly because I can stay in, nestle myself away and write without the guilt of feeling like I should be outside in the sunshine doing something. What more do you need than a steaming cup of tea, a warm sofa and the lights glowing around you?
And if I'm not snuggled up writing, I'll be snuggled up reading, probably something historical.
If you want a bit of historical naughtiness to warm you up on a cold winter's night, have a look at 'In Service to the Senses', my tale of a frustrated Countess and her male servants, who are only too willing to help ease those frustrations.

What time of year do you find most productive as a writer?

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