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M/M Naughtiness & Gay Trivia in the 1920's - Gin & Jazz Series

And all that jazz...
The twenties is absolutely my favourite era. It's one of those proverbial snapshots of history where nine short years changed the perspectives of many people in regards to society, convention, liquor, drugs, and fame. The more prohibited something was, the more there was a desire to indulge.

Preparing to write the Gin & Jazz series involved quite a bit of research. But it really was a labour of love. I learned much more than I thought I would, because I had smugly assumed that I knew so much about it already. Some trivia regarding sexual identity during that time period:
  • The word 'gay' as used to reference a male homosexual was reputedly coined in the 1920's by jazz musicians
  • The song "Masculine Women, Feminine Men" from 1926 echoes some of the attitudes of the era. (You really need to hear this one!)
  • As men became more comfortable flaunting society, novelties such as pink powder puff machines were installed in men's washrooms. You would insert a coin, hold a puff underneath, press a button and pink powder would sprinkle on them. Men would then pat their cheeks with it.
  • Lavender romps were gay orgies typically held at a film star or other big player's home.
  • If you wanted to go to a male/male friendly speakeasy, then you would find out where the local pansy club was located.
Hollywood Bound is Book One in the Gin & Jazz series. It tells the story of sweet and innocent Jack. He's nineteen years old, and has already lived a rough life having been kicked out of the orphanage at sixteen for messing around with a male classmate. He lands in New York where he meets up with Nick, who is a few years older and more streetwise. They band together to survive, and eventually Jack falls deeply in love with Nick. However, Nick has never been interested in men - he's been raised to believe being a sissy is wrong. His hidden desire for Jack tells another story though.

The two men have a dream. They love silent films, and believe Hollywood is the place to go and make it big. Little do they realise  how tainted the celluloid kingdom really is, and what some would-be stars have had to do to survive the tawdry world of glitz and glamour. The whole series takes you on their journey as they move past the obstacles thrown their way. They also meet others - a new flapper starlet, a devastatingly handsome but bitter screen god, a sexy and intimidating studio chief and more who will eventually have stories of their own.

Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz Book 1) is available now, just click HERE
Razzle Dazzle (Gin & Jazz Book 2) is available for early download HERE


Barbara Elsborg said...

Lavender romps! I learn something every day. Very interesting.

Morticia Knight said...

Thanks Barbara - it was a fun one to research ;-)