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Of Horses and Soldiers

On Friday, I have a new release. It's a bit of a departure for me. Having written m/m romances for the past few years, 'Christopher's Medal' is my first m/f release. As I've mentioned before, the story started life as a, rather lifeless, WW1 Historical romance which didn't really pick up until the final few chapters.

Moving the story to the present-day made it so much more fun to rewrite. There was no need to pester my Dad about public transport during WW1, there was no need to figure out where the Royal Berkshire regiment was stationed during any given month. It was quite liberating.  However, there were one or two things that I did feel that I had to get right.

In the original version (entitled 'Fields of Gold'), the 'hero' goes to war, gets wounded, comes back with Shell Shock. Sadly, this particular affliction is still a very real legacy of war. Now, it's known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and there are numerous articles, books, academic papers, treatises about the subject. There are blogs written by sufferers, newspaper stories, television documentaries. The disorder is finally being taken seriously. Men are no longer shot at dawn for refusing to fight. Having said that, PTSD still kills people. It's an insidious killer, it destroys families, wrecks lives and it doesn't really go away. I did my research and I really hope I did the whole subject justice. It's an issue that needs to be kept in the public eye because so much is still hidden.

The horse bit was easier. My husband has worked with racehorses for most of his life. If I had a question, I just glanced over the top of my laptop screen, smiled at him and asked the question. Plus, I've lived on racing yards, I know the life, I know the people and I love the horses. But that's a whole other blog.

I hope you'll give 'Christopher's Medal' a try. I loved writing it. I loved losing myself in the racing world once more.

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