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The little story that decided to become a novel

Recently the third part of my romantic m/m series, Calling the Shots, went on general sale.
The story of fumbling, learning-to-be Dominant Isaac and his topping-from-the-bottom submissive Tom took off as a short story about the committed and very much in love couple having a weekend of slightly kinky fun. And that would be it.

But that’s not how it went. By the time my editor had sent me the first round of edits, I realised that the gentlemen were still having a conversation in my head. So I asked if it was okay to make the story a bit longer. Oh, and before I forgot, was writing another story about them a problem? It wasn’t, as long as I made a third one as well, because it could become a series.

So, here are Facing the Truth, The Right Direction and Becoming Sir. What I intended to be a single story now begins to look like what most would consider a, be it short, novel.

Wait, did I just hear Isaac and Tom talk about what happened at the Club? Jealousy…Doms need to guard their boundaries as much as their subs do…trouble in paradise...?

Oh dear…

Calling the Shots is available at Totally Bound

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