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What Would YOU Say?

I just read an article by the funny and insightful Cody Delistraty that blew me away.

 But first… I had coffee last week with a gentleman. He asked me what I thought was my most attractive feature.

Wait! What would you say?

Is your first reaction your hair, your nails, your eyes, your cleavage? Smile, laugh, bubbly personality? Fierce resolve, courage, loyalty?

Or is your first reaction one of puzzlement? Uh… I need to lose five pounds, dye my hair, get a pedi? (Oh, wait, those were my reactions.)

But this guy was serious. He wasn’t looking for a run-down on what was wrong with me. He was genuinely curious.
So I looked him in the eye, and I told him the truth. “I think my answer will surprise you.”

“Fine. I want to hear it.”

“My confidence.”

He nodded slowly. Clearly the answer wasn’t what he was expecting. But he agreed that he liked that about me.

Over the last year, I’ve gone through a lot, maybe you have, too, change of jobs, loss of a relationship, and now, a potential move is on the horizon.

Instead of allowing the breakup to affect my confidence, I decided that I was one step closer to living life more fully on my terms. (So, okay, there were plenty of tears and long-distance calls to my friends and family, but I made it through.)

So, when I read Delistraty's article, I was dancing around going, YES! That’s it! In his intriguing post, Delistraty talks about the thirteen things men think about women but never say, and I loved what he had to say.
My favorites? “Don’t stress. We think you’re hot. That’s why we’re with you.”

Oh, and, swoon-worthy words? “It’s an odd occurrence, but personality and confidence make a woman physically sexier.” 

So, I’m wondering what would YOU say if asked what your sexiest feature is.
Hey, and Cody, thanks, for number seven, as well. After what you said about how to order a martini, I no longer feel fussy, but empowered when I walk into Starbucks and say, “Iced grande, six pump, extra ice chai tea, latte, please.”

I urge you to read this article and see how real men think. Thanks for the great read!

And my soul sisters out there? Strut your stuff.
xxoo Sierra

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