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A tree with a history

I know, it's no longer Christmas. And it's not even a very pretty fake Christmas tree. Just a family thing, that's more about love and fun than about impeccable taste.
My two sons (19 and 23) did the job because I was too busy with getting everything for two days of guests. Or rather, our sons, since they have two mums. A world of ideas and tradition had to change to make us a family according to the law, to make it possible for their parents to get married. We happen to be Dutch, so we are among the extremely lucky ones.

But, other countries have followed and I hope more gay and lesbian couples will see a change for the better in the coming year(s).

No matter who you are, I wish you all the best for 2014!

And just before I forget: I started a Facebook page. It's still a bit empty and very much under (probably permanent) construction, but feel welcome to take a look and like. 


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