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All wrapped up and no where to go?

You'll never believe what I found under the Christmas tree...


Okay, not exactly as pictured above— but we can still dream, right? Amidst all our scurrying around, trying to be merry and bright, still trying to make the best damn fruitcake — it's enough to make us go mad. We long for more hours in the day...but alas, there are not. 


So here is my Christmas treat for you! For all the tired, the stressed out, the erotic romance lovin' readers and even the authors too. Here's a little something to make you smile.

To the tune of "Bells Will be Ringing..."
(Don't be shy. I know you know it). Hum along with me.

Bells will be ringing...the glad, glad news... 

Okay that was just practice, here we go and belt out those lyrics ladies (and gents too of course!).

Bells will be ringing, the glad, glad news;
Oh, what a Christmas, to have the blues;
My baby's gone;
I have no friends;
To wish me greetings, once again;
Choirs will be singing, Silent Night
Oh, Christmas Carols, by candlelight;

Please come home for Christmas;

If not for Christmas, by New Year's Night; 


Friends and relations;
Send salutations;
Just as sure as the stars shine above;


This is Christmas, Christmas my dear;

The time of year to be with the one that you love



Then will you tell me, you'll never more roam;
Christmas and New Year will find you home;
There'll be no more sorrow;
No grief or pain; 

'Cause I'll be happy that it's Christmas once again..

'Cause I'll be happy that it's Christmas once again!


A big shout of to the awesome team at Totally Bound and the amazing authors I'm lucky enough to call my colleagues: Happy Christmas! 


To my readers, may you have a sinfully sexy holiday season!





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