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Feeling Dirty?

Post by Lily Harlem

Earlier in the year I was chatting with some other Totally Bound authors about themes that come up in our books. It was late in the evening, we'd all had several glasses of wine, and we moved our conversation from themes to scenes. Yes, many of us are constantly lured toward themes as we write, for me ménage is pretty recurring - YAY - but we realized we also have scenes that keep cropping up, particular places for our characters, gay or straight, two, three or more, to get down and dirty and have hot, sweaty sex.

For me, its the bathroom. Why? Mmm, probably because there are some pretty great elements for sex already there - privacy, nakedness, hot steam, clean, sweet bodies. What is more delicious than a soaking wet man - other than of course, two soaking wet men!!!!!

Oh, okay, here you go...

I cast my mind back through my books, and discovered that in most there is a bath or shower scene where the characters either have sex, or use the soaping of one another's bodies as a prelude to sex. 

To continue the watery theme, here is a little snippet from Escape to the Country, my novella where anything goes...

Tim carried me upstairs, folded a fluffed towel on the corner of the bath and sat me gently down.
“We need to get the chlorine off you,” he said, flicking the shower to life. “Or you’ll itch all night.”
“Mmm.” A late tremble captured my spine. I could still feel the two men inside me, stretching me, still feel their hard bodies pressed against mine. “Thanks,” I said and looked up at Tim.
He stood naked with a hand in the cascading water waiting for it to warm. He grinned. “For what...specifically?”
“For bringing me here, to meet your friends...”
“Is that it? Is that all you want to thank me for?”
I shook my head. “No, thank you for sharing me—the way you used to share Jane.”

“She told you that?” His dark brows twitched.
“Yes.” I felt like I’d said something wrong. “Do you mind?”
He shrugged. “As long as you don’t.”
“No, why should I? It all happened long before you met me.”
He grinned suddenly. “You really are amazing, you know that, Annie.” He grasped my

wrist and pulled me into the streaming water with him. “I have never, ever brought another girl to meet Matt and Jane. I never thought anyone would be as open-minded about sex and pleasure and sharing as they are—as I am when I’m with them—but I just felt that we, me and you, we’re right in so many ways, every other way, except...” He reached for a bottle of coconut shower gel and filled his palm.
“Go on.”
“Except I just thought sometimes, in bed...”
I swallowed tightly. I knew what he was going to say. I’d obviously faked one too many

orgasms lately.
“I felt I wasn’t always getting it right with you, for you.” He rubbed his palms together to create a plethora of white bubbles. Began to stroke his hands over my shoulders and down my arms, filling the steamy air with tropical beaches and Piña Coladas.
“But why did you think that...? Why didn’t you say anything? This is a rather extreme weekend to plan without—”
“Because,” he interrupted “I knew we just needed a bit of tweaking in the bedroom department, a bit of variety, some fun. I’ve always been super confident when it came to fucking, but with you, with you, it’s special.” He cupped my breasts and took their weight in his palms. We both watched the dark areolas pucker as his thumbs dragged across my nipples. “With you, it’s not fucking, it’s making love,” he said in a quiet voice. “With you, it’s too important to make mistakes. I have to get it right, every time. I can’t lose you on a technical hitch.” 

Oh, la, la, it's all fun for Tim and Annie on the weekend retreat to the country.


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